While there are research papers state Mayans hold much similarities with Tamils. Researchers are stating Mayans were Tamils who took their voyage from present day Sri Lanka. The Tamil Name of Sri Lanka is Ilangai or Eelam.

But how did the name Mayans came into existence? There is a reference of Sri Lanka in Ramayan of Hinduism where Sri Lanka was built by Mayans. There were four Gods in ancient Tamil Society – They were Indhiran (God of this place), Varunan ( God of Rain), Mayon ( God of Wealth and Well being) and Seyon ( Murugan–God of Wars).

Mayans were merchants lived per the words of Tamil society – Thirai Kadal oodiyum Thiravaiyam Thedu (Cross the sea to collect the wealth).

Mayans were the first colonizers of the world. While the Hindu and Indian Mindset in ancient India were against the sea travel – Tamil society believed in sea travel. Tamils were good at building ships (may be inherited from their ancestor Siva).

There were lots of Oceanic dangers occurred in Tamil history including the latest Tsunami of India and Sri Lanka.

Mayon was a god in Tamil Society. Present day Hinduism adapted the Mayon and transformed Mayon or merged the image of Mayon with an existing God of Aryan World.The present day name of Mayon is Vishnu in Hinduism.

The people who worshiped Mayon might have been called as Mayans or Mayons. The Hindu God Vishnu or Tamil God Mayon is god of well being and wealth.

Mayans were in search of wealth like the East India of Company of United Kingdom. The names of places in Mayan settled areas resemble the name of Lanka or Ilankai ( I is silent again here).Mayans worshiped Wealth and went in seek of wealth.